A safety net to catch, a step on solid ground, a shelter in the storms of life.

The Mission

Our desire is to reach out, to teach practical and professional skills, while providing a positive, Christ-Centered living environment for women desiring change.

The Need

Many women lack the confidence, resources and finances to sustain change in their lives. We have seen women become casualties of depression, co-dependency, and low self-esteem, lacking the self assurance and education necessary to begin a new life. Hope for Women has been a safety net to catch, a step on solid ground and a shelter in the storms of life.

The Method

Hope for Women focuses not only on the inward stability of the woman involved but in giving her the necessary training, skills and support system to sustain this positive transformation for her future. We provide a safe and supportive environment according to Christian principals to introduce the joy and advantage of a balanced and disciplined life offered for the glory of God. Hope for Women aims at the development of life skills of Spiritual Development, Time Management, Finance & Budgeting, Christian Parenting, and Health & Wellness along with career development.

For more information about joining Hope for Women, or for ways to partner with us, call (518) 337-9560 or email us at HFW@rebuildingthecity.org

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