The city of Albany focuses on rehabilitating inner-city houses and infrastructure. To complement these efforts, the Gateway program focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty and broken lives among inner-city young adults. We do this by spiritually and practically investing in their lives and restoring their hope. Lives are rebuilt. Gateway is a consortium of churches, community activists, non-profit organizations, businesses, middle and high schools and colleges in our community.

This residential program for 18-25 year old men focuses on transforming lives by teaching the importance of personal discipline, keeping a daily routine and learning life skills. Each day, there is a time of discipleship, mentoring, counseling and classroom education. In the afternoon, students apply what they have learned by working together on an actual project. 

Gateway draws from the business community and other volunteers to provide young people with skills in areas such as carpentry, masonry, car mechanics, electricity, plumbing, air conditioning and other trades. It also includes information technology and financial training. 

Gateway has been developed based on several years of experience teaching youth and adults carpentry, plumbing, masonry and other building skills. One outcome has been the successful renovation of three condemned properties that are now homes for three families. 

Gateway has formed partnerships with other organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, to train young people to rehabilitate housing in the inner-city. Gateway participants are also rebuilding their own lives in the process. 

Gateway is modeled on the successful residential program Hope for Women. Young women in transition are mentored personally and professionally to live fruitful and independent lives. This program has served 35 women and 12 children with 90% having gone on to employment or higher education, living independently and getting off of DSS subsidies. Hope for Women is continually expanding, currently purchasing an additional rental property for women graduating to independent living. 

Will you work with us to help rebuild lives of future carpenters, masons, builders, and other trades people hoping for a viable future? We can transform the inner-city of Albany from the bottom up, by investing in the lives of these young adults. It will only take people like you who are willing to commit time or talent or financial resources so we can see lives transformed, downtown housing rehabilitated and the cycle of poverty in Albany broken. Come be a part of this exciting program and help rebuild young lives.

For more information, please call Rev. Keith Davey at (518) 209-4673